The State Board of Ed says never waste a crisis, pushes for massive expansion for Florida Virtual school

It’s no secret that the state board of ed is filled with people who don’t like public ed and all you have to do is look at Ryan Petty’s twitter feed for proof of that.

During the pandemic Florida learning has gone on-line and there have been bumps and growing pains to say the least. I think the most predictable thing ever has happened some of which could have been mitigated if we wouldn’t have rushed head on, but that being said I think the public school system will get a handle on it and provide effective learning. The state board of ed however doesn’t want to wait for it. In an effort to never waste a crisis or kneecap public education that have pushed for a massive expansion of Florida virtual school.

From RedefinedEd,

   Florida Virtual School (FLVS), the state’s online K-12 school, is seeking $4.3 million in technology upgrades that will boost its capacity from its current 170,000 students in district, charter and private schools to 470,000 students by April 17 – eventually expanding to 2.7 million students by May 4.

Founded in 1997, FLVS is a publicly funded non-profit that operates as its own $240 million school district. It served 215,505 students in 2018-19, which included 5,540 who were enrolled full time and 209,965 who were external learners.  All Florida public high school students are required to take at least one virtual class, and many choose FLVS as the provider. Its students perform as well as, or even better than, other students in Florida in most Advanced Placement course exams.

Um they want to go from 5,500 full time students to 2.7 million?

For years the powers that be have hated brick and mortar schools and have been chipping away at them. You can bet they see both an opportunity and dollar signs now.

As for FLVS it has a troubled past to say the least.

Leader resigns

Board dismantled

Under scrutiny

And I could have gone and on.

Instead of giving millions more to FLVS the state board should help families without computers and the internet get connected, you know something that will do some good, but since that is the case, of course we know they won’t.

Never waste a good crisis or a chance to kneecap public ed, should be the FBOE’s motto.

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