The state board of ed considering taking away more control from local school boards

There is not one educator on the state board of education. They lack any experience or expertise but that didn’t stop them from being appointed to the board because here in Florida, the state board isn’t here to help public ed, it’s here to dismantle it.

Okay the article below is about a proposed rule to require school districts to get permission to change principals at certain schools, I have no doubt this is just a precursor to state takeover of schools, something the commissioner of education and board believe will hasten their privatization agenda.

Turnaround schools already have to replace teachers often given just days notice to do so forcing them to start year with subs or inexperienced teachers.

Now they want districts to get permission to change principals. How can this rule possible assist kids?  The answer is having Tallahassee control our schools does not help our kids because Tallahassee wants our public schools to fail to hasten their privatization agenda.

This is what the state constitution says about school boards.

Text of Section 4:

School Districts; School Boards
(a) Each county shall constitute a school district; provided, two or more contiguous counties, upon vote of the electors of each county pursuant to law, may be combined into one school district. In each school district there shall be a school board composed of five or more members chosen by vote of the electors in a nonpartisan election for appropriately staggered terms of four years, as provided by law.
(b) The school board shall operate, control and supervise all free public schools within the school district and determine the rate of school district taxes within the limits prescribed herein. Two or more school districts may operate and finance joint educational programs.[1]

Um notice it doesn’t say school boards have to get permission to change a principal, and this is just one glaring example.
Yet Tallahassee strips away local control more and more and the courts now packed are helping them.
In Florida we aren’t being led, we are being ruled and done so by interests who would destroy public ed and the teaching profession to the detriment of the state.  

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