The silence of voucher supporters is deafening.

The same groups that support vouchers have remained amazingly
quiet while Florida starved its pubic schools of resources, blamed teachers and
demonized their representatives and decided it was wise to depend on high
stakes testing for just about decision made.  Everything was fine until groups like
the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, the PTA and the Florida school board association,
hardly kid unfriendly organizations, finally had enough and said no, filing a
lawsuit. Since then the people who support vouchers have ratcheted up the
hyperbole to new heights

I find it amazing though how they had to twist
themselves into knots to do so. These are the same people who often point to
the disintegration of the family as a reason we have so many problems, but then
say, families know what’s best for their children. Who scream about school
accountability and how it is so important teachers and schools are evaluated
using high stakes tests and say our kids need common core and STEM to compete
internationally. They want all these things for public schools but at the same
time want private schools that except vouchers to be exempt.

We should all support the lawsuit filed by the Florida School Board questioning
the validity of Florida’s voucher program which by the way torpedoes the first
amendment because society should not be paying for some families’ irrational
fear of Gov’Ment schools, hatred of unions or if they want their child to have
a religious education. We should not let those people who hate public schools
and want to privatize them win. Instead we should be striving to improve our
public schools and if people who oppose the lawsuit really cared that is what
they would be fighting to do as well.

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