The Schultz Center, the Brooklyn Bridge of bad deals

So let me get this straight. Duval County owns the Schultz Center buildings and pays for their upkeep, some 150k a year. Then the district provides 35 staff members to work there, who presumably do the districts professional development training. Finally the district charges the Schultz center a dollar a year for rent and then sends them millions of dollars too. Hmm, I wonder if they pay the district the dollar out of the millions we send them or from some other revenue stream.

Wow, what a deal, in fact that’s a Brooklyn Bridge I have some swamp land I am letting go cheap type of deal. Also what exactly did they do again?

I have never been a fan of the Schultz center sighting some of the reasons that Superintendent Vitti has. In fact in 2010 I wrote, the district… annually spends millions on the Schultz center which duplicates many functions that could be performed just as well at schools. Furthermore the best training I ever received was a reading class that met in various school libraries; we didn’t go to the Schultz center once and you know who ran the class? It wasn’t a district staff member; it was a reading teacher picking up a few extra dollars.

The next questions should be, how did we get involved in this boondoggle in the first place and who got rich off of it.

Yes we need professional development but what we don’t need is to pay somebody for the privilege of paying for it. Millions lost, millions wasted.

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  1. I have to agree with Dr. Vitti's goal to bring professional development closer to the school level.

  2. How about at the schools? When I was an ed major at UNF the best idea they had was to have some of the evening classes out at actual schools rather than at the campus. Not having to circle the parking lots like a vulture looking for a spot was heavenly as well as the central location of the classrooms they used. ONe was at Spring Park Elementary another at a school on Main st.

    Make it convenient!

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