The school choice movement has indeed set the bar very low as their successes look like failures.

From Redefined Ed in an article about school choice, It’s all
part of a plan to “show America that there are so many choices out there,’’
said Campanella, who listed Florida, Indiana, Louisiana and Ohio among the
states with good school choice track records. But, he added, “I think every
state has room for growth.’’
They went with Florida where 250 charter schools have
They went with Indiana, which is coming off the Tony Bennett
charter schools pay for grade disaster?
They went with Ohio where the charter school network is generally
considered a disaster and where in one city, one city alone, Columbus, 17
closed last year.
They went with Louisiana, where schools take public money to
teach creationism as science and where the charter schools perform worse than
the public schools and I will just throw in for good measure how a federal
judge ruled they illegally fired 7,000 teachers after Katrina and is about to
be on the hook for 1.5 billion dollars.
These are the places they mentioned as successes and that
other states should look to as they have room for growth.

The school choice movement has indeed set the bar very
low and to me their successes look like failures. 

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