The right should stop defending the indefensible

Redfined Ed, the EdFly blog, the FlyPaper blog, Michelle
Rhee, Jeb Bush, Rick Scott and Gary Chartrand have all come to the defense of
Tony Bennett. One of the reasons may be self-preservation as the education
reform agenda continues to crumble. There have been unprecedented push backs
against charter schools, Teach for America, the parent trigger and merit pay as
more and more people become aware that these reforms are more about padding wallets
than they are about fixing schools.
Every time one of these people stands up and says what a
good job Bennett did, fired in Indiana and resigned in Florida, all in less
than 9 months by the way, they alienate people who have been fooled into
believing pro choice isn’t privatization. How far away can awareness be?
I understand they can’t admit they were wrong because if
they did it would call into question all the other things they did, you know
the ones without evidence that say they work, charters, vouchers and merit pay
anyone, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did.

On second thought, I hope they keep defending the indefensible
in standing up for their charlatan; they do more damage to their cause than the
charlatan himself did. 

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