The republicans in Tallahassee are not rational people, its time we stopped trying to have a rational debate about education with them.

Friends we are not dealing with people interested in having a policy debate and we’re sure not dealing with people who are interested in facts and exhibit number infinity is representative Chris Latvala.

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Dammmmmnnnnnnn FEA, sick burn…

Friends even if he was right, which he wasn’t, he was gloating over a four percent raise over four years or less than the cost of inflation. In his figures teachers were going backwards and he was saying, look what an awesome job Florida is doing. The reality is teachers salaries as a group have been going backwards for years and it is shameful.

It even gets a little worse because Latvala is sometimes thought of as the reasonable republican.

Friends there is a war on public education going on and Tallahassee will not be satisfied until the teaching profession is destroyed and public schools are replaced with a  hodge podge of charters and private schools that accept vouchers.

It’s time to fight and step one is the FEA fighting for teachers right to strike, since facts don’t get their attention, maybe a strike would.  

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