The Republican double speak in Tallahassee

Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, said his
priorities for the upcoming legislative session would include “restoring
trust and integrity into the school grading system.”
those are pretty damning words and can there be any doubt that he is talking
about disgraced former ed commish Tony Bennett who was run out of town after
inflating the grades of a charter school that was owned by a financial backer.
friends we have to be careful because Bennett is back and pushing his new
employer’s tests as the cure to Florida’s testing ills.  
Who wants to bet that Tony Bennett rebounds nicely and
Florida’s schools foot the bill?
This however isn’t the only hypocrisy coming from the
republican leadership in Tallahassee. While extolling the virtues and need for
technology, Will Weatherford also wants to steal money supposed to go to public
schools and instead divert it to private schools that take vouchers of which
over 160 teach creationism as science.
Look I think creationism can have a role to play in
education just in a religion or philosophy class but the truth is it has no
business in a science class. Regardless, how can Tallahassee say how important
science and technology is and how we need to channel kids into those fields while
filtering money into schools that ignore and denigrate science.
Then all of this is on the heels of Scott requesting 81
million in maintenance money for charter schools and not one single solitary
penny for public schools.

Finally I would like to point out that there are
problems in Florida’s education system but it is the Republicans that have been
completely in charge of the system here for going on 16 years now. Isn’t enough
enough?  Aren’t you tired of them and their
friends profiting off of public education while kids have to go without and
teachers have to dig into their pockets to pay for the basics?

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