The real reason Jeb Bush wanted the Parent Trigger bill

The real reason Jeb Bush wanted the parent trigger bill was
so he could hasten the privatization of our public schools. Let not kid
ourselves, charters and vouchers are mechanisms of privatization and had the
parent trigger passed there would have been one more bullet in their gun.
When Florida changed it’s grading system it assured the
amount of F schools, the amount of schools that would have been eligible for
take over, would increase. This had charter school operators salivating as
dollar signs replaced the pupils in their eyes. The amount of F schools in
Florida more than doubled this year and as we transition to common core the
yearly doubling has just begun.

When the parent trigger returns next year for round
three don’t make the mistake of thinking it is about improving education outcomes
for children. All it will be is a cynical cash grab for charter school
operators, hedge fund managers, more than a few legislators with ties to the industry
and their sycophants and cronies.  

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