The Privatizers pick David Chauncey for district 6



Sigh, okay, lets get to it. David Chauncey a former Teach for America and current corporate lawyer joined the District 6 (Becki Couch’s district) school board race on April 2nd and in one moth brought in 24 thousand dollars and fifty dollars in donations. The fifty he loaned to himself and most of the rest came from a who’s who of charter school supporters and school teacher denigraters.

 There is Tom Madjanics of KIPP school fame, Wayne Weaver, Preston Haskell, Micheal Ward, Edward Baker (and his wife) and Gary Chartrand among others. Six thousand of his haul came Ponte Vedra.

22 of his 33 contributors donated the maximum, well Chartrand gave 4 times and Wayne Weaver twice and it looks like the vast majority don’t live in district 6 either.

Let’s examine some of their positions. Most would prefer charter schools to public schools and Chartrand is on record saying it’s a good thing that teachers don’t have work protections and brought Teach for America to town which may be where he met Chauncey who was a corp member for two years while he was waiting for law school.

JaxBiz, also endorsed him which if you want to know who not to vote for they are who I would start with. They claim to be non partisan but that would be like me saying I’m not fat. That is, it is a stretch to say the least.   

Furthermore I have a suspicion they didn’t even interview most of the other candidates, and did I mention Chauncey was a member of JaxBiz?

I don’t know David Chauncey but I do know last year when TFA was on the chopping block he wrote misleading and false op eds to the Times Union and Florida Politics.

I don’t know David Chauncey but by taking four donations from Chartrand and most of his money from out of the district he shows he doesn’t care about the rules and he is more interested in serving the interests of the city’s elites.

I don’t know David Chauncey but he’s practically brand new to Jacksonville and he didn’t stay one more minute than what his teaching commitment called for. There is absolutely nothing he could bring to the table that others couldn’t and do so more ethically as well.

I don’t know David Chauncey but if he represents the beliefs of his donors he then also represents all that is wrong with education and he would be a disaster on the board. We already endured Fischer and Shine and we shouldn’t elect a clone of theirs.

Why do these millionaires who sent their children to expensive and exclusive private schools hate public ed so much that they back these questionable and unqualified candidates? Why would they risk children’s futures so?

I will tell you why, because it is about control and they know once he is on the board all they have to say is jump and he will reply how high and if you want proof, look at Scott Shine, Jason Fischer and Mayor Curry. 

I don’t know who you should vote for in district 6, I just know you shouldn’t even consider for one second voting for Chauncey.



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