The out of control rhetoric from Voucher Supporters.

First don’t think for a second these people care about
children. If they did instead of filtering them into sub-standard options that
resist accountability they would be working night and day to help improve our
schools, to make sure they had proper resources and programs and that their staff
members were well provided for and treated with respect, or you know the exact
opposite of what is happening now.  
John Legg, who to be honest has been the best of the
worst when it comes to education.
is now apparent to me that the Association’s stance on educating low income
students and access to choice in education is too conflicting with my own. “It
saddens me that the FSBA would take a position that looks to eliminate
customization in education.”
“Over the years and in particular the
last legislative session, I have worked, in good faith, with many that now wish
to eliminate school choice for all,” he said. “It is apparent that these groups
were disingenuous with their efforts and have put their political views over
that of our students’ needs.”
Gov. Rick Scott, “It is unconscionable that trial lawyers
and unions have ganged up to use these children as a political ploy. Quite
simply, this careless action could have terrible consequences on the lives of
Florida’s poorest children, who with the help of this program have a chance to
escape poverty.”
Patricia Levesque of former Gov. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for
Excellence in Education: “If these organizations sat down and talked to
the families benefiting from this hugely popular program, I think they’d be
humbled and embarrassed by their actions.”
John Kirtley, the millionaire bully behind Step up fro Students
threatened to play a larger role in Florida school board races in the future.
“If the
FSBA moves forward with this reckless suit, the Florida Federation for Children
will actively serve the interests of parents and become involved in more school
board races for years to come,”
Gary Chartrand, who sent his children to exclusive prep schools
completely unlike the ones vouchers pay for, “I believe
in choice and in freedom especially for those children that have limited
mobility and limited financial resources. The Florida tax credit scholarships
provide this freedom for our most underserved population to choose a school
that best serves their needs.  The
FSBA “is acting without consideration for this population by filing a law
suit against this program. This is surprising and disheartening, and I call on
them to rethink their position and withdraw the lawsuit.” –
Florida House Speaker-Designate Steve
Crisafulli: “This proven, popular program is essential for preparing children
for success in college and the workforce.  I hope School Board
members will reconsider their actions and put the needs of children first.”
This is the same group who have starved pubic
schools of resources, blamed teachers and deamonized their representatives.
They have subjugated the children to high stakes testing and teachers to VAM
based evaluations, which nobody who is knowledgeable thinks.

For the children? Not even close. 

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