The more Scott Shine talks the worse he sounds.

Oy vey beaches
really? You picked a pretty clueless guy to represent you.

In a Times Union
comment about the grasp academy, he wrote, It is important to know that grasp
operates at a lower cost per student than other schools for ESE/Special
students on average.

Did I already say oy
vey? Apparently Mr. Shine thinks all disabilities are equal and for him to
compare the students at Mount Herman’s’ needs with those students at the Grasp
Academy show just how ignorant he is about special education issues.   

Then at the latest
school board meeting when giving specious reasons to support the new charter
school in district two, Shine said, it is important to note that we generally
have a near perfect record in charters that we deny who appeal to the state.

How many times do you
think charter schools that have been denied since he has been on the board have
appealed to the state? A half dozen? A hand full? How about once? If you
guessed once then you are right, Shine makes it sound like we are always
turning down charter schools and the industry knows better than to mess with
us. The truth is Shine is part of a cabal of members that want to privatize our
public schools and it’s quite obvious because there is no reason that this
charter school should have been approved.

Listen at the 2:49

Then there is his
recent call in to the First Coast Connect radio program that was talking about
recent problems several board members have had with the super. He called in to
defend the super and said, the super is the only employee that can be let go
with ninety days’ notice and implied it was much easier to fire him than any

Scott, Scott, Scott,
did you mean to say the super and every teacher hired since 2010 when the state
ended tenure for new hires can be easily fired? Every teacher hired in the last
five years can be fired for any reason or heck no reason. How do you not know
this? Yes you can fire the super at any time if you had enough votes but
thousands of teachers are in the same boat with him.
Unfortunately there
is no link to this episode.

Geeze I thought
Fischer was bad but the thing is, I think Fischer is at least smart. He knows
what he wants and is going for it and the consequences for kids and schools be
damned. Shine on the hand is like a bumpkin just bopping his way through life.
How the heck does this guy breathe on his own or tie his shoes? Why would
anybody put his in charge of decisions that affect schools and children?

Once again shame on
you district 2. You had good options and you picked this guy.

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