The lengths charter school proponents will go to

From the Chalk Face by Tim Slekar

Just last week Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Education, Ronald (no degree in education) Tomalis, announced that his crack squad of cheating comandos single handedly brought down the entire state’s scores for NCLB and increased the number of schools that failed to make AYP.
This weekend the unqualified secretary decided that the charter schools of Pennsylvania needed to be put on an IEP.  You see last year some of Tomalis’ prized charter schools failed to make AYP.  However, this year when the secretary announced the schools that failed to make AYP some of the charters that failed last year were not on the list.  How did this happen you ask? They had obviously demonstrated their superiority to traditional public schools, worked their asses off and made the cut this year, right? NO!
When someone dared asked if this was even legal, the spokesman for the Pennsylvania DOE, Tim (no degree in education) Eller essentially said don’t worry about it.
Take away?  Obviously since charter schools are so unique, awesome and somewhat misunderstood, they are entitled to their own Individual Education Plan and accommodations. I mean come on, they are really new to this educating children gig.  Give them a break.

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