The KIPP school is losing its luster

The State Board of Education met this past week at the KIPP school. A big feather in their cap as the powers-that-be gave a middle finger to DCPS but then something interesting happened. the Times Union which has been a big fan of theirs pointed out how they receive huge advantages. one of which was an extra 2.7 million dollars.

From the Times Union,

Charter schools, for all of their positive qualities, aren’t panaceas. It took Wayman Academy 17 years to earn an A grade. That’s not criticism, it shows the difficulty of providing education in high-poverty neighborhoods.
The KIPP schools, which have been lauded on these pages, use additional funding to support longer school days along with requiring parental involvement.
By additional funding they mean about 2.7 million dollars last year. Can you imagine what any other school could do with 2.7 million extra dollars? Now they use it for their lober school day, but can any other school dictate a plan or a schedule and then have the state and city find it? Oh that would be zero.
I would argue they can pick who they take and keep too another pretty big advantage and what have we got for that? A school whose grades are up and down more frequently than a yo-yo is what. then I would point out they have fewer free and reduced lunch kids, ESOL and ESE kids than similar nearby schools as well. 
People need to wake up at the KIPP school, thought to be Jax’s charter crown jewel, and I mean charter schools as well. 


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