The Jekyll and Hyde nature of Gary Chartrand and the JPEF

Color me confused, the JPEF does a study that says Duval County has a hard time keeping teachers and then the next day the Times Union says the JPEF will manage a fund that will spend 11 million dollars to support TFA teachers and we all know 90 percent or so won’t stay past two years. What am I missing here?

Shouldn’t any money we get be used to foster teachers who will spend a lifetime in our classrooms? Not just stay for a cup of coffee and then be off to the next big thing in their lives.
TFA does have a role to play but as a supplement and they should only be called on after other options to staff our classrooms have been exhausted.  Hillsborough County (among others) refuses to use them because they want lifelong teachers in their classrooms.

Is the board asking how high when Chartrand says jump?  

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