The Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s one on one conference review, part 5, Final Thoughts

By Greg Sampson
JPEF: Some
Final Thoughts
By the time
the second breakout was over, most people had left. I too did not wait for the
last wrap-up but left. I plan to attend in the future, but I will leave after
the morning sessions are done. I encourage everyone to do the same.
superintendent, JPEF high-ups, and Board members were long gone by the time the
break-outs were over. Enough said?
The greatest
failing of the conference was not giving the tables time to discuss the issues
and provide feedback. The ratio of lecture to discussion was running about 8 to
If they want
to know how to start on time, I can give them some ideas. First, don’t beg
people to get to their seats. Start the program. Start it. If that drum corps
had marched into the ballroom promptly at 9 AM, people would have noticed.
Also, cut off the food 15 minutes before. That clears out the line. With
nothing else to do, people will drift into their places.

Finally, and
again, we came with a lot to say. JPEF, you didn’t give us one-tenth the time
we needed to say it. Do better in the future.

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