The incongruity of common core or it turns out it’s not that common after all.

Oy vey only in Florida.
Apparently the leaders of Florida’s
education system don’t understand what common means.
From the St. Augustine record: Amid
growing political backlash from some conservative groups, the state Board of
Education voted Tuesday not to require school districts to use certain
education materials crafted as part of a new set of national education
So no common materials and since we
dropped out of the common PARCC, there will be no common test either.
Then I thought the Common core was
supposed to be a deep dive into material well not so fast.

From the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting: In Chris Kirchner’s
freshman English classes at Miami’s Coral Reef Senior High School, novels like
“To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Great Gatsby” have been squeezed off the
syllabus to make room for nonfiction texts including “The Glass Castle” and
“How to Re-Imagine the World.” For the first time, students will read only excerpts
of classics like “The Odyssey” and “The House on Mango Street” instead of the
entire book. And Kirchner will assign less independent reading at home, but
will require students to write more essays, and push them to make connections
across multiple texts.

“I’m trying to go big with the change and see what works,” says Kirchner,
who has taught English in Miami-Dade
for more than 30 years.

The “change” Kirchner refers to is the introduction of the Common
: the education standards adopted by Florida along with 44 other states
and the District of Columbia. The standards do not constitute a curriculum, but
they lay out general education principles and skills students should master at
different grade levels. All Florida public school educators are supposed to
start adapting their teaching to the new standards this school year; students
will be tested on them for the first time in 2015.

Hmmm things are looking less and less
Then there is the notion that we need
Common Core so if a student moves form one state to another they will be
learning a common lesson. First how did we put a man on the moon without that
and second, what the?!? Kids have moved since public schools began and somehow
we have survived without blowing the system up.
But as the FCFIR points out students in
different states may be learning vastly different material.
it turns out it’s not that common, we aren’t getting the deep dive promised and
its proponents are selling it in my opinion for a pretty dumb reason that doesn’t
exist anyways.

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