The hypocrisy of the Voucher movement in Florida

The voucher movement is championed by the Florida
legislature. They say they believe in a lot of things but when the rubber meets
the road their beliefs have a way of fading away. Rifting off of a Scathing
Purple Musing piece.

They say they believe in STEM (Science, technology,
engineering and math) but at the same time they are okay with voucher schools
teaching creationism as science.

They say they want all of Florida’s
kids to have a great teacher, unless your kid goes to a private schools that takes
vouchers. Those teachers don’t have to be certified, let alone have a degree.
Then how do we know how they are doing unless we can link them to a test. Now I
think that idea is dumb and ineffective but the Florida legislature doesn’t.  

Then there is common core which
they say will save us all from mediocrity and allow us to compete in the global
economy, unless of course your student takes a voucher.

With so many incongruent
positions how can anything they say or do be taken seriously?

In Florida up truly does equal

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