The hypocrisy of Eric Fresen’s 44 million dollar give away

You know it would be hard to make this stuff up. Eric Fresen
while waiting for a plane read a ten year old book about Finland and thought to
himself, let’s give money to teachers who did well on the SAT. It doesn’t
matter that Finland doesn’t test like we do, believes in play and is highly
unionized, screw those things Fresen must have thought, now this SAT thing is
something I can really get my head around.    
He says he wants to attract the best and brightest to Florida,
more likely a giveaway to the politically connected Teach for America but if
that’s the case why has he been part of a legislature that has done all it can
do damage the teaching profession?
They gave all teachers a three percent pay cut.
They made teachers at will employs that can be fired at the end
of the year for any reason or none, as none has to be given.
They have gutted the class size amendment the one reform
with evidence that says it works.
They have sucked the joy out of education for many students
and teachers alike with their high stakes testing agenda.
And Florida’s teachers are some of the worse paid in the
Now he expects us to believe he cares about the teaching profession?
Eric Fresen is either disingenuous, an idiot or corrupt or sadly he may be all three.

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