The hypocrisy of Edu-Philanthropists (rough draft)

Do you know what I have noticed about Edu-Philanthropists
like Gates, the Waltons, and locally in my hometown the Chartrands? First the
obvious thing is they are wealthy. Which means it is hard for them to
understand things like poverty, which is why they vacillate between ignoring it
and calling it an excuse. They have the mistaken belief that a great teacher
should be able to show up and that alone can cancel out the effects of hunger,
violence and apathy. They believe that alone should be able to make up the
deficits that the children arrive with.
Then none of them were educators. None of them taught a day
in their lives. They all had teachers though and they turned out rich so they
look at the gig and think anybody should be able to do it. They don’t respect
the craft and that’s at least partly why so many of their ideas kneecap the
teaching profession. They don’t mind an ever-revolving door of teachers because
they think anybody should be able to show up and do it.
Then they are hypocrites, they have joined the President,
Jeb Bush and so many others in sending their kids to the types of schools that
we all wish we could send our kids to or work at, ones that valued smaller
classes, the arts, and ones that don’t double down on high stakes testing or experimental
curriculums. The schools that they send their kids to are vastly different from
the ones we send our kids to.  Take
Gates for instance, he has spent hundreds of millions on common core but sends
his children to a school that wouldn’t let it through their gates.  
Finally they think they are the smartest kids in the room
and teachers are some of the dumbest. You see to them wealth equals
intelligence and maybe that’s whey they disrespect teachers so much. They can’t
understand that many of us get our wealth from seeing kids grow and learn
because the only thing to them that matters are zeroes after ones. They look at
teacher’s bank accounts and seven year old cars and it causes them to loath
They don’t understand where many of our kids are coming from
and they don’t understand what teachers do. They think wealth equals
intelligence, which automatically means they are right, and teachers, the
professionals actually in the classroom are wrong. Then at the end of the day
they would rather invest millions if not billions to create the types of
schools for our kids that they would never let their kids near. 
I guess what I have really noticed is they are despite their
vast fortunes, they are doing a lot more harm that good.

To read more about Gates and the hundreds of millions he
spent on Common Core, click the link:

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