The Hypocrisy of charter school supporters

Sherri Ackerman writing in the pro privatization blog
ReDefined Ed complains that charter schools are being left out of events put on
by public schools.

She wrote:  Increasingly, though, Hillsborough students are not all
together in academic competitions.
the past year, district officials have begun excluding
charter schools from some districtwide contests, including Battle of the
, a reading competition, and the Math Bowl and Math League for
elementary and middle school students. The reasons for the splintering are not
clear. But everything from cost, to fear of competition, to a desire for
charter schools to be more independent, has been suggested. At the least, the
move points to potential pitfalls as school choice options mushroom across the
landscape – even in a district with a choice-friendly reputation like
She then quoted Lillia Stroud of King’s Kids Academy of
Health Science
, a new charter
in Tampa.
 “They’re all our children, separation at any level is
I just
can’t help but wonder where thier consternation has been with Senate Don Geatz
and other members of the state legislature. Mr. Geatz said while reasoning charter school teachers should be exempt from the Student Success Act,
“I’ve been in business
for thirty years. I’ve never asked for an even playing field, you can’t make
everything equal.”
I also don’t remember any charter schools
complaining as they received tens of millions in capital funds while public
schools received nothing.
It seems like charter school supporters are
all about fairness but only when it benefits them.

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