The Human Face of the Republican Party’s disastrous education budget.

The Human Face of the Republican Party’s disastrous education budget.
Forty-seven cents, just forty-seven cents extra in discretionary spending, less than the cost of a stamp is all the republican’s in Tallahassee and Rick Scott allocated to education.
Callously, Tallahassee said districts can drop salaries of teachers who are already, when you factor in cost of living, are already the lowest paid in the nation, if they wanted to or they can eliminate staff.
Then when given a chance to rectify their grievous error and have a special session to adequately address education funding, overwhelmingly the republican legislators in the state said no.
Well friends now we can see the human cost of their cruel decision, as teachers all across the state are being surplussed.
From Action News Jax:

Action News Jax is hearing from angry local teachers who say their jobs are being cut so the district can save money.
Duval County Schools is looking at a $62 million budget shortfall next school year and is facing tough decisions on how to fill that gap.
Action News Jax’s Courtney Cole spoke to a teacher who said not only does it impact their livelihood, it affects the quality of education.
“All of the sudden, my principal calls me in — and I’m thinking it’s to talk to me about how we’re going to do things next year … and she goes, ‘You’re one of the ones cut’. The last thing I expected to hear,” Leisha Cowart told Cole.
She’s been teaching for more than a decade, but right now she teaches ninth and 10th grade honors English at Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology Magnet High School.
Cowart joins hundreds of teachers in Duval and thousands of teachers across the state who suddenly have no job security and who have had their lives uprooted and all because of some pathological hatred of public schools by the vast majority of the republican lawmakers in Tallahassee.  They however aren’t the only ones who will pay a price because even more children will too.
These surpluses will undoubtedly lead to some kids being in larger classes and having fewer academic options but do the republican lawmakers in Tallahassee care? No, because those children don’t attend charter schools of which over 330 have taken public money and closed or voucher schools that don’t have to have certified let alone degreed teachers or any recognized curriculum.  
Did you hear that? It was a yawn from the republicans in Tallahassee and it is unconscionable.
Thousands of teachers, staff and their families having their lives thrown into chaos and even more students kneecapped, this is the cost of people voting republican in Florida.    
Mrs. Cowart I hope things work out for you, it’s just too bad that your republican representative in Tallahassee could care less about you and your family.

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