The hubris of the super rating himself highly effective in 47 out of 48 categories.

How do you get highly effectives in
Duval County? Give them to yourself apparently.
Let’s take a second and look at the
hypocrisy of this. Don Geatz are very own senate president said, he doesn’t
understand how teachers can get good evaluations at schools that aren’t doing
that well (mostly on standardized tests). 
Well friends last year we were rated a C district and unless the
department of education gives the county grade relief something the super has
asked for, I don’t see our grade changing.
Now admittingly that has a lot to do
with the toughening of standards, but at the end of the day we are most likely
going to still be a C district. And people like Geatz and Jeb Bush would say
there is no way he is as good as he says he is. Well since the super seems to be down with the privatization agenda they might give him a pass. 
Then think about this, teachers
throughout the district report being told they
are NOT allowed to have “too
many” very effective marks on their annual evaluations — because that
would indicated that they have nothing to improve upon. I guess Vitti feels he
was exempt from this.  

Then other teachers feel they are deliberately
being low-balled in their evaluations for a variety of reasons, among others
age, school grades having to match evaluations and principals playing favorites. Those evaluations can affect
promotions, rehiring and future salary.
There were a couple comments on that might
better illustrate my points. First from the Harbinger of Doom:
Let’s see, first
time as a superintendent and already highly effective almost across the board.
What a super fast learner with no room to improve! I guess he has learned
everything there is to learn in Jax and needs to start looking for a more
challenging job. What utter arrogance.

And then maybe Hoosier1945 summed it up
I wonder how he would rate himself on modesty.
Call it arrogance, confidence, hubris or ego, but I think he would
have been better served to be more modest. There I rate him developing/needs improvement.


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