The house wants to cut higher education to pay for the Corona Virus, um, what???

Andrew Atterburry tweeted:
The Florida Legislature is split on cutting millions of dollars from college and university budgets for 2020-21, money that one House budget writer said could be used to help finance the state response to the coronavirus:

Um what???

Jacksonville writer and education activist pointed out also via tweet:
Wait, cut higher ed to offset the effects of coronavirus? Don’t we think we might need our research universities & medical schools right about now? Where do they think doctors & epidemiologists come from, anyway? All the “hard” sciences are taught in liberal arts colleges.

Man Florida really hates education doesn’t it. That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

Then JEM on twitter pointed out there was a better way:
State GDP is over 1 trillion dollars.. time to tap the rainy day fund and quit cutting money from those that can least afford it. People are dying and it will get worse for Florida if actions are not swift and decisive. Time to act is now. Ball is in your court

Friends, I really don’t know what to say. It’s like we are living in the upside down.

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