The Florida legislatures latest plan to stick it to professional educators while giving Teach for America a pass bill

The Florida legislature plans to make it
tougher to become a teacher in the future by ratcheting up certificate
requirements. Well friends since the vast majority of TFA recruits are two and
done they will never get professional certificates and thus be able to side
step this. Just yet another example of how the state of Florida wants to turn teaching
from a profession to a service industry job staffed by hobbyists and scabs.
HB 433 Educator
Certification by Rep. Spano was passed in the House Education Appropriations
Subcommittee. The bill provides requirements for certain instructional
personnel who supervise or direct pre-service field experience; revises
acceptable means of demonstrating mastery of general knowledge, subject area
knowledge, and professional preparation and education competence; revises
components of competency-based professional development certification and
education competency program; repeals study to compare performance of certain
certificate-holders; revises certain requirements for renewal or reinstatement
of professional certificate.  Next stop for this bill is the House
Education Committee. 

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