The Florida Legislature plans to force districts to give local tax money to for profit charters.

Pro charter school bills are moving through the Florida
Legislature. Perhaps the worst would require local districts to share their tax
revenue with charter schools, the majority of which are run by for profit management

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this give away
that will also hurt public schools by siphoning away resources is Charter
Schools USA who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to republican legislators
in Tallahassee.

Then despite the fact that CUSA does the lion’s share
of its business in Florida and none in Delaware, CUSA is incorporated in Delaware.
According to NPR Delaware is
helping wealthy individuals and multinational companies hide assets and avoid

This means that not
only are we not requiring CUSA to pay taxes in Florida but now the Republican
dominated legislature is proposing giving them even more money.

Why should Florida be giving any money to charter schools other than the approved per child rate? I want to also remind you was that one of the selling points of charters was they could educate children cheaper and better than public schools, neither of which turns out to be true. 

I always thought
republicans were for local control and against crony capitalism. With this one
bill which will force local districts to share tax money with for profit
charter schools they have shown what they really are is hypocrites.

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