The Florida house tries to seize control of collective bargaining

From the Accountabaloney twitter feed. If you aren’t following it, you should be.


Fred Piccolo the houses spokesperson blamed Democrats for killing teacher raises.

Make no mistake – Democrats last night knowingly or unwittingly voted to kill a pay raise for teachers. To double down, the amendment they all voted NO on required all the money to go to teachers. Yeah….my reaction last night.

It isn’t there but he included a minion saying, whhhaaattt.

Right, all the democrats had to do was have districts give up local control of collective bargaining, and put that in the hands of the public ed hating commissioner of ed, Richard Corcoran, to get their raises, or some of them anyways. I mean what could go wrong?

I don’t know if this was their plan all along or it just came to them as they conspired to further undermine education, but either way it shows just how much they care, or make that don’t.

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