The FEA’s really bad week. Unions letting teachers down.

I am a member of my local union, DTU which is affiliated with the Florida Education Association. I believe in unions and am grateful for them too but at the same time I have to scratch my head at some of the poor choices they have made this week, which is ironic because they are currently having their annual convention and this should be a celebration of all they do.

First they gave 500 dollars to local school board candidate Scott Shine. Some of his other contributors are Gary Chartrand, Thomas Baker and Charter Schools USA, three of the biggest advocates for school privatization in the state. How can I go after him and point out all of Shines dubious allegiances when the FEA chooses to support him too?

Then they are giving an award to another supporter of the privatization movement. 

From the Tampa times: The statewide teachers union on Friday will honor Bishop Victor T. Curry with its Human and Civil Rights Leadership Award.

Look I am sure this guy has done some good work but at the same time he’s snubbing his nose at what the FEA knows is the right thing to do. Were they trying to smooth things over or did they just not know or care.
Either way the FEA has to get with it and stopping supporting privatizers who would get rid of the FEA if they could should be step one.

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  1. That's just criminal, to accept our dues money and spend it on people/organizations that work against us. DTU has no reason to exist. They do nothing but teachers $54/month poorer. PEN has been much better at 1/3 the cost.

  2. Where very disappointed with DTU the problem with PEN is it was sponsored by Gary Chartrand and created to undercut unions not to assist teachers.

  3. Well, at least PEN doesn't use dues to donate to politicians, especially anti-teacher politicians and when I call, they don't treat me with contempt. They are supportive. DTU sucks. They take money from teachers and treat them like crap.

  4. Honestly, I cannot afford union dues as they now stand. I wish the union dues were less expensive, because I should need to pay hundreds of dollars to be covered in case someone sues. For me, that is what it is about. If the union can improve, I can get behind it.

    1. Just decline paying the dues, and have Implicit Faith in Your Source. Then, Source will guide and protect you, Implicitly. Lift your Self above the creation of Darkness; catch hold of the only Real Substance that is all in all in the universe. " Now have faith in the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11.1

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