The FEA needs to get off its a** and challenge the law that says Florida’s teachers can’t strike. (rough draft)

In West Virginia the legislature was about to pass laws privatizing public education and the teachers there said nope and threatened to strike. It was a day before the legislature backed down.

From MorganCountyUSA,

Teachers in West Virginia went on strike today.

The reason?

Retaliatory privatization.

Last year, state legislative leaders were embarrassed when teachers stood up to threats of firing and won their pay increase.

Teachers 1. Legislature 0.

This year, to retaliate for that embarrassment, those same legislative leaders want to privatize state teacher jobs with charter schools and push public schools teachers to the brink.


Here in Florida however the governor proposes over a hundred million dollars in vouchers a terrible teacher bonus scheme and drop in the bucket in extra school funding, following a decade of withering attacks on public education and the teaching profession and all we hear is crickets.

If we can’t strike it doesn’t matter how many red for ed t-shirts we wear, letters to the editor we write or rallies in Talley we have because the republicans that run the show aren’t moved by things like decency, fairness and what’s right for teachers and students and I for one would like somebody to challenge the law that says we can’t strike. What are we waiting for friends, the house is already on fire and that noise you hear is Tallahassee fiddling.   

A little history of teachers not being able to strike in Florida, Wusfnews,

Some of you might be saying its against the law to strike in Florida, well if you haven’t noticed laws when it comes to education don’t mean much here. Look at how the class size amendment has been so gutted it is nearly unrecognizable. earlier this year when the supreme court threw out the fund our schools lawsuit, despite the constitution saying it was the states paramount duty, they basically said, constitution, schmostitution. Also we are supposed to have a uniform education system, well friends, billions on vouchers and charters at the expense of public education is far from uniform.

Tallahassee is dismantling public ed and the pace has quickened, and they are no longer doing it behind closed doors.

It’s passed time we did something and step one should be to see if those laws preventing strikes are legal.

We have to do something because time is rapidly running out.

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