The FEA and media let teachers down over DeSantis raise (draft)

The media for the most part just regurgitated what DeSantis said, and the FEA thanked him for what he did and both our unacceptable.

First the FEA, they seemed to be taking a bit of a victory lap as they thanked DeSantis. I mean I guess it is 150 million in new money, though a lot of that will go to people not yet in the profession, yeah them I guess. So that means we are only billions and billions and billions behind, yeah the rest of us (sic).

This is the thing, it’s like the FEA has Stockholm syndrome, afraid to criticism or complain less they get less or Tallahassee decides to punish education. They become partners with DeSantis when they thank him, thank him for a deal that will harm many veteran teachers and not do much for a lot more.

When we figure out the Best and Brightests losses, and don’t get me started, that was terrible and unfair as well, many teachers will see a loss, or if they get step raises, maybe make even. This will do nothing for them except make them feel unappreciated and angry that a new teacher will now be making a few hundred less than a long term veteran.

FEA here is a secret they aren’t going to like you any less and they aren’t going to stop trying to destroy the profession is you are nice to them. So do me and all the other teachers a favor, if we are going to go down can we go down fighting instead of thanking the people trying to take us down, I mean can we? Please?

Then there is the media.

From WJCT channel 4 in Jacksonville, it was pretty typical and i could have picked from dozens, 

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Wednesday to raise the minimum teacher salary to $47,500 and provide other raises at a cost of $500 million despite state revenue plummeting because of the coronavirus. 

The raise is about $10,000 more than base pay in the 2017-18 school year when teachers were starting at just over $37,600. 

“We wanted to take Florida from No. 26 in the nation for average minimum teacher salary to the top five, and to do that, that obviously required policy. It also required a lot of financial commitment. It was not something that a lot of people thought necessarily could get done,” DeSantis said at a bill signing ceremony in a Miami-Dade County school.

Nothing about how this just replaces one bad program with another and how veteran teachers are well you know, not taken care of. I wanted to curse there I really did. The media coverage was nothing but a victory a lap for DeSantis and his minions.

This was typical of the media’s coverage, zero nuance and zero analysis. Just DeSantis at a charter school blowing smoke. While veteran teachers wondered how things got so bad.

Teachers deserved better yesterday but it wasn’t just from the state of Florida. 

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  1. How are they gonna pay for this without cutting teaching positions given the current recession? Just curious.

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