The failure of the age of accountability and choice.

The A-F grading scale in Florida in 14 years old and
today the ACT reported only 19% of graduating seniors are college ready. Full
disclosure, when I started college I had to take intermediate algebra in
college, the course before college credit college algebra, of course in high
school I took no algebra and no math at all as a senior.
We have had 14 years of Jeb Bush’s reforms, the first
group of third graders he failed graduated four years ago and all it has done
is lead to a bit less than a fifth of our kids graduating completely college
ready, 36th in the
nation. After the FCAT, blame the teachers and strip them of work protections,
charter schools, vouchers, merit pay and everything else, after all that here
we are at less than a fifth completely ready college and with a little over 40
percent not ready for any college at all, which is 9 percent higher than the
national average.  By the
way friends these are just the kids that are taking the ACT too, I shudder to
think how ready the ones that didn’t take it are.

A common definition of insanity is to do the
same thing over and over again and to expect a different outcome. Well friends
here we are in year 14, anybody think another will do any good?

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