The evolution of school choice.

Have you noticed how
supporters of charter schools and vouchers keep changing the narrative? In the
beginning they were to save children from failing public schools but now that
study after study has shown they don’t produce better education outcomes and
often worse, the narrative has changed to one of competition being good for
public schools.

They also can’t tell the truth and that’s charter schools are here to make
people rich and to break the power of teacher unions and to change teachers
from professionals to service workers too. Educating children, sure, maybe but
that’s an afterthought for the movement.
And before some of you jump
on me and say there are some excellent charter schools, I agree but you should
be outraged by the flim flam artists and snake oil salesman that have co-opted
the industry too. Furthermore you should want voucher schools to have
accountability because if they don’t many will continue to pump through and
dump out kids ill prepared for anything.
Then it was about
competition, the implication that public schools were treading water and needed
to be forced to improve and innovate. Two things most charter schools and
voucher schools have dubious innovation at best but to be honest it is hard to
improve when the powers-that-be, many of whom are choice advocates, think
poverty is an excuse and have transformed schools into testing factories
staffed by beat up teachers.
Then it evolved in
collaboration, lets just do what’s best for the child, which if they were being
honest would be keeping children as far away from most charter schools and
voucher schools. But are people supposed to forget the demonizing of teachers,
the high jacking of education by the high stakes testing movement, the starving
public schools of resources and their creation of a crisis just so they can
profit off of it. That’s the school choice movements jumping off point. 
There latest reason is
school choice is modern day civil rights, and who cares that the NAACP has come
out against charter schools, preferring society adequately fund its public
schools. What won’t these guys say or do is my question.

But that’s what
people do when they have a losing argument, they change it.

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