The ethically challenged Eric Fresen brings back the voucher bill

I had hoped to write about a senate that was becoming
moderate and  one that looked at facts and
evidence and considered fairness to make their decisions, what with the
watering down of a charter bill that gave away public resources and the withdraw of the public school
kneecapping voucher bill but Eric Fresen of Miami made that impossible.
Eric Fresen whose sister and brother in law run a huge
charter chain and who routinely votes on legislation designed not to help kids
but to enrich his family brought back the voucher bill all be it though without
the sales tax component.
It remains to be seen if the voucher bill will go anyway again
or not. Don Geatz senate president has said repeatedly it is dead without
accountability measures, something Fresen obviously thinks is only for public
schools and other people, not himself or private schools that take public money.

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