The Duval County School Board sends the city the wrong message

There is a teacher hiring freeze and the superintendent at the school board meeting said he thinks it will be tight but he doesn’t anticipate any reductions in force, doesn’t think. The union representative complained about all the paraprofessionals being cut just a few minutes later. So what did the board do? It spent 200 grand to hire a lawyer.

Is your child’s class to big? Do they only get art or PE once a week if not more infrequently? Wondering here the drama department went? Does your son or daughter have to get up at 5 because we cut magnet school bussing or are you still worried NJROTC might be cut? I wonder if the janitors ever got that 10% pay cut back.

Over the last year the board has expanded the size of the administration all while cutting programs, laying people off, slashing salaries and pleading poverty. The message it says to me is that teachers, paras and children, the classroom aren’t important, lets reward long time friends instead.

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