The Duval County school board decides to ditch transparency and inclusiveness with the superintendent search

All along the way the Duval County school board has screamed they are being transparent and inclusive with the superintendent search. Well friends they tapped on the breaks when the top five candidates came to town making them available only to handpicked group of county insiders and now they have stomped on the brakes.

According to the Times Union: On Sept. 24, two stakeholder groups will meet with each of the finalists. An internal group made up of parents, students, teachers and district staff, and an external group made up of members of the business chamber, the NAACP, the Hispanic chamber, nonprofits and the faith-based community.

The groups will use a matrix developed by the district’s search firm to rate each candidate. The board will use the tabulated score sheets in its deliberations to choose the next superintendent.

A third group comprised of the two School Board member-elects, Connie Hall and Cheryl Grymes, and the four candidates in November runoff races, will also meet with each candidate Sept. 24. These meetings will be open to the public, but the meetings with the other two groups will not be.

Burney said the board made the decision to keep those meetings private because teachers and principals are not likely to participate in open meetings.

Burney knows teachers so well (sic) I guess it is okay the board excludes the vast majority of them. Also good luck being a random parent and getting in the stakeholder group.

So much for inclusiveness and transparency when it really counts.


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