The district is clamping down on information/participation and that’s not good for anyone. (draft)

I get it, the district has a lot going on a lot. That however doesn’t mean they should exclude participation and limit information, when they do that, we aren’t being led, we are being ruled.

The new principal list was published in the upcoming school board agenda. I find it troubling that it is so large and released so late but I guess it is what it is. I did a records request for the list, one they never fulfilled. Now you might be saying, well Chris why should they give you anything. First it is the law but Emily Bloch of the Times Union asked for it as well and they didn’t give it to her either.

Next, public comment at yesterdays school board meeting was extremely limited. The public had to have their comments in the day before and then they were read into the record. I do my best to be in the know. I am the guy who reads agendas and meeting notices and I had no idea. Now it was on the bottom of the meeting notices but they have made them hard to find. 

The school board used to have it’s own tab but they removed it. You now have to go to departments to find a link and then search.

Irregardless it should be a citizens right to face their representatives not to be distilled down to what is basically an email especially since the district and lets face it often ignores emails.

Then last week they updated their  “What Sort of Political Activity is Allowed for School Employees” policy” 

From Team Duval,

Expressing our political beliefs is one of our most cherished rights protected by the First Amendment.

But as we enter into an increasingly passionate public debate atmosphere – particularly on social media – many have reached out to us about whether school district employees can express their personal political viewpoints.

Um many have reached out? They have a problem with teachers personal view points? The implication is clear, have an opinion, be careful because it might get reported to the district.

I get it, they have a lot going on and they may not feel they have the time for parents, community members and teachers and their questions/concerns, after all they did put out that survey where they gave people 300 characters (sic) to express their opinions, but listening to us is part of the job and when they choose not to, or limit our participation then they lose the moral authority to lead. We should not just expect but we should demand better.

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  1. They released a new website design this morning. The school board tab is back. There is also a new tab, "Talk with Team Duval."

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