The district 5 debate brought to you by Gary Chartrand and Friends.

I am surprised they didn’t wear NASCAR style patches or drop a huge portrait of him from the rafters.

The Forum was put on by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the other organizations they tricked. In theory it was also supposed to be impartial but how could it be seeing how JPEFs founder and other board members have endorsed and financially supported Warren “I am looking for another line on my resume, thanks for the idea Tommy Hazouri” Jones.

It gets even worse though as the forum was emceed by Lindsey Kilbride of WJCT and who funds WJCT’s education coverage, come on, say it with me, Gary Chartrand.

Now here is the thing being a moderator is probably not an easy gig and I think she did a yeoman’s job, though it would be remiss of me not to say I wish somebody a little more seasoned would have asked tougher questions and how about the occasional follow up question as well. Some of the answers the candidates gave screamed for a “um what?!?”

And did we really need the “what superpower would you have if you could have one” and “name one thing on your bucket list” questions? For goodness sake we had an hour and a half and that’s including all the rambling on that some of the candidates did.

From the location that I am sure dozens couldn’t find, I barely could, to the lack of advertising to the sometimes ridiculous questions and the lack of follow up, the Forum was far from what the people of district 5 deserved.  

Finally I don’t think Chartrand is in some legion of doom like super villain base plotting the end of public education, He doesn’t need to do that. Instead all he has to do is have his pet organization trick some other groups into not endorsing and set up a few lackluster forums and then have him and his friends give their hand picked candidate thousands of dollars, because that plan has worked before.

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