The difference between the JPEF and their board

If you have read my blog you may think I am on a one-man
vendetta against the Jacksonville Public Education fund. I have been ultra
critical of their bard members seemingly trying to buy influence and acting as a
shadow school board.
The truth is I think they do some great things. Hooking up
donors with teachers is genius, trying to get the public motivated and involved
is desperately needed and they have some very nice statistical tools on the web
site that are very informative too. In short they are doing some really nice
I spoke with their president Trey Csar last night and I have
to say I find him both affable and sincere. I really think he cares about the
direction of our schools and the fate of our children and it’s okay that we may
have different philosophies and ides on how to improve things. We spoke last
night at the district 2 forum and he asked if I thought they were fair and
impartial with their questions and to be honest I thought they did a pretty
good job though their was a desperate need for follow up questions and for
correcting wrong answers. He also made the point that there was a line between
he and his staff and the board, a line that isn’t crossed when it comes to the
Here is the thing and I know you saw it coming. I don’t
think the board of the JPEF are sitting around like the legion of doom plotting
how to end our schools, Chartrand is not Lex Luthor. But I do see them sitting
around saying if only we were in control, then things would be a lot better.
The school district however is not a company they can come in and buy and take over so
they have to use their money and stature to put themselves in a place to do so,
like say donating to school board candidates in each race or starting the JPEF
which will now be managing millions of dollars, admittedly grants, but that’s
how it starts.

To think the JPEF board has no influence on what the
JPEF does and that they aren’t building an education power base is ridiculous.
Now you might agree with and like their agenda but at the end of the day they
definitely have an agenda, one that I believe means reducing the teaching
profession, privatizing our schools and replacing democracy with an oligarchy. 

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