The DeSantis pay raise is as close to nothing as you can get. (draft)

That isn’t water raining down on teachers after DeSantis’s dog and pony show about pay raises at a charter school, at a CHARTER SCHOOL.

This is the thing friends, they did away with the best and brightest and as flawed as that was it was still put 350 million into teachers pockets and they replaced it with 500 million plan, much of which will go to people not yet in the profession to raise starting salaries. Mark my words, this will end up being a net pay cut for many veteran teachers.

What galls me is Corcorna and others lining up to pat themselves on the back. They have defunded education for a decade, then they literally return one drop in a bucket and they are doing victory laps.

What infuriates me however is the FEA in full Stockholm syndrome thanked them. Hey Fed, you know you don’t have to thank them right?

What scares me is this will do nothing to slow the exodus from public education. Hey Tallahassee yes the pay wasn’t great, but that’s not the only reason people leave. What you have done is just assure a few people here and there will say I will give that a try only to be quickly replaced when they realize they can’t hack it.

You want to attract teachers? Bring back tenure, end high stakes testing and give educators freedom, support and respect.

This was an insult to veteran teachers, those who have proved they can do the job and nothing more.

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  1. Not eligible for Best & Brightest…not eligible for this. The more things change…bummer

    According to DTU…

    What about other instructional personnel? Can they make less than new teachers?
    That is how the language reads. The “minimum base salary” is for classroom teachers as defined in 1012.01. There is no statutory requirement for other instructional personnel (including media specialists, academic coaches, etc.) to reach that minimum salary.

    However, remember all of this must be negotiated. We are committed to ensuring that the funds are distributed in a way that is as equitable as possible.

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