The Daytona News Journal’s editorial staff calls for the wholesale firing of teachers

I see the Daytona Beach Journal’s editorial staff read he
policy brief from the Florida Tax Watch criticizing the class size amendment as
their editorial agreeing seemed like it was taken nearly verbatim. I can’t
imagine they read any of the current research which overwhelmingly supports
smaller classes.
I won’t take up much of your time but I do have two
questions. How many teachers does the Daytona Beach Journal think should be
fired because the firing of teachers is really what the Tax Watch is advocating
for when we break it down, where else but from teacher salaries would the
savings come from and how many teachers do they know that thinks they would be more
effective if they had five, eight or ten more students per class.
I would urge the editors to rethink their position.
To read their flawed reasoning, click the link: 

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