The Daily Scott Shine, bad judgement edition

Hey friends, he hasn’t sent me a threatening note today, though I guess it is early. I kid Scott some because I know he can take it.

Okay, this is what Ashley Smith Juarez said about the prospects of firing the superintendent.

From the Times Union:

Smith Juarez said she called Friday’s meeting to discuss the future of Duval schools and how to improve student achievement. Not to fire him.

She also denied she tried to keep her intentions to hold a termination vote secret from the public.
“If I intended to put a vote on the floor that I knew was imminent, I would have published it in the agenda,” she said.
“I intend for the board and superintendent to have a discussion about a path forward that is best for students,” Smith Juarez said. “The Board needs to be able to have a collective discussion with each other and not through the press.”
You know because adults on school boards don’t usually air their dirty laundry in the press.
Lets compare above to what Scott Shine did earlier in the week, when he first blogged about his fears there was a plot to fire the super (how’s that readership Scott?) and then emptied his Rolodex in order to send his manifesto to every one he could, hmm except for me and I know he’s got my email. He writes me more often than my wife does.
Again from the Times Union and notice how different they are.
 The issue surfaced late Sunday night, when Duval School Board member Scott Shine sent the news media an email accusing Smith Juarez of plotting to get rid of Superintendent Nikolai Vitti by calling a special board meeting and vote this Friday.
Shine wrote that Smith Juarez late last week unsuccessfully tried to “coerce” Vitti into resigning, and that she called a meeting for Friday at 10:30 a.m. to hold a vote to terminate Vitti’s contract with minimal public input.
He said the meeting’s time is “an attempt to hide the true intent of this meeting” and would mean most school employees, teachers and much of the public who have jobs wouldn’t be able to attend.
It seems to me that Shine has a very low opinion of ASJ, I don’t think me saying that is much of a stretch and is it because of this he raced to sound the siren and through the city into a tizzy? In doing so he most likely permanently damaged any possibility camaraderie and trust on the board which its own members had refered to as dysfunctional. Vitti may have survived but this board is now in my opinion irreparably damaged.
I believe ASJ when she says she is tiring of the super’s shtick but I also believe that there is noway he would have been fired at a workshop. Who knows, Shine may have been right, after all broke clocks are twice a day, but if he was wrong then this bad judgement just hurt the board and the city. I will let you decide. 

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