The Curious Case of a Lawyer taking less money

The Duval County School Board voted 6-1 to hire Karen Chastain to be the districts lawyer. She had been the defacto lawyer of the district for quite some time working for the General Counsel’s office. We managed to pry her away for minus 15 thousand dollars. What you ask, minus 15 thousand? That’s right friends she left the job downtown paying 165,000 to take a job at the ivory tower for 150.

Why would she take a pay cut? Well there is, um, hmm, it has to be, um yeah. It’s not like she is going to be doing a different job, like I said she has been the districts primary lawyer for years now or it was for the love of the school board or superintendnet because they will be radicaly different in just a short few months, so now the question becomes why.

Who wants to bet the answer ends up costing the district even more money and it is not the deal the district wants you to think it is.

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