The conservative or ignorant stand on education

Honestly folks, it’s time conservatives take a stand against union thugs
and misguided liberals. It’s time they quit ruining our schools!

This was written in the Times Union’s comment section and the author is right, somebody is misguided but unfortunately it is them.

First, Florida is a right to work state and ask yourself this; if the unions
were running roughshod over the system, would Florida’s teachers be some of the
lowest paid in the nation and would the working environment be so poor, that in
Jacksonville a third leave every three years?

As for ruining our schools, the author obviously 
doesn’t know that the
Republicans have been in charge of education here in Florida for going on 14
Shouldn’t they bear some of the responsibility for where we find

The writer, and the many that feel like him, is definitely entitled to his own
opinions but what he is not entitled to is his own facts, which is seemingly
what he use to make up his mind.  

5 Replies to “The conservative or ignorant stand on education”

  1. Grammar, spelling, word usage, verb tense . . . come on Chris. Jeez, you're a teacher. Act like it. Don't you care whether or not what you write is grammatically correct?

  2. No punctuation after "right" in the second paragraph

    "bare" responsibility . . . do you mean "bear"?

    " . . . not entitled to is his own facts . . ."

    ". . . which is seemingly what he use to make up . . ."

    There are more.

  3. I will give you the bear, I occasionally struggle with homonyms, but the quote marks are unnecessary… If you want to discuss the message, lets do so. However I have no time for your overcritical comments on a blog post I spent 3 minutes writing…

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