The city council just wants more questions answered, I want one answered too, why won’t the school board sue?

Here is a brief synopses of the Finance meeting
Hazouri who is in for a rude awakening next summer when he is passed over for city council president. Remember Tommy to Lenny Curry you are only useful until you aren’t continued to complain his questions had not been answered. Hazouri who should know better knows all his questions have been answered and he just didn’t like one of them, the no, the district gave when told to share the tax referendum with charters.
He also parroted Wilson’s lie about the school board not reaching out to the city council. Say goodbye to that legacy Tommy.
Next DeFoor said he googled master plan and found one from Pennsylvania that looked different. Excuse my language and if you are a regular reader of the blog you know I never use expletives but this calls for maybe my first, I shit you not, that may be paraphrased but it is what he said. This poor excuse passes for leadership in Jacksonville? It is no wonder we can’t shake our Cowford beginnings.    
Salem was refreshingly honestly when she said, she wants a proportional share of the referendum with charters because they are just important to her. Where honest it is pretty deplorable. It’s unfortunate that most of the city’s children and schools that have real needs aren’t.
Then Bowman, the mayors attack dog, just launched into a stream of conscious list of lies, half-truths and characterizations culminating with he expects the AG to confirm the OGC’s mind-numbingly bad ruling.
These are the facts the people of Jacksonville should be most concerned with right now.
The super and board have also released a plan, 5 dollars for security, followed by deferred maintenance followed by projects based on need.
The school board could answer every question about the 15 year, 1.2-billion-dollar plan that covers 150 schools and 113 thousand students, show every detail and the city council still wouldn’t care because they only thing they care about is a proportional share of the tax referendum with charters. Nothing else matters. We are watching the extortion of our schools on behalf of a handful of donors unfold on twitter.
It is time to sue, past it, way past it in fact.

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