The Chutzpah of the school choice movement

The ReDefined Ed pro privatization blog likes to highlight kids who go to
charter and private schools to accept vouchers. The young man they highlighted
today attends a small private Christian school but also a neighborhood public
school where he attends the NJROTC class.
To be honest I am not for charter school kids, private school
kids or home school kids participating in public school sports, classes or activities.
I feel like if the parents want their kids to be separate for their educations then
that’s how it should be for everything.  Let
them start a club or a team where they are at. I don’t like it that they want
public money to finance their choices, then they want their kids to play with teams
and join clubs at public schools and have public schools bend over backwards to
meet their needs but then they don’t want have anything to do with.
The reason however that this story caught my eye is the private
Christian school that the young man takes public money to attend teachers
creationism as science. It seemed more than strange that Redefined ed which has
worked hard to change the school choice narrative to one of collaboration that they
would celebrate the public school for taking this kid in and not mention that
his regular school teaches him junk science, though with groups like ReDefined
Ed you rarely get the entire picture.
Creationism and a dismissal of science is what you get from
a lot of these small schools that take vouchers but you also often get non certified
teachers and teachers without degrees making ten bucks an hour.
The main problem with vouchers isn’t that they siphon out
much needed resources from public schools; it is that there is very little
oversight with what they are teaching and who is doing so.
I wish this kid good luck but I believe both his parents and
ReDefined Ed are doing him a disservice.

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