The Charter industry not above being deceptive when trolling for more money.

Imagine that.
The latest example is a study saying that charter schools receive
something like 2,000 dollars less per student. First oy vey, face-palm, um nowhere
in the study does it talk about how charter schools are forced to open or how
the amount of money they get per pupil is hidden from their operators.  The conversation should be over right there
but for some reason it has not.
The reason, greed, as charter school operators want more and
more money, despite the fact they receive less money hasn’t stopped the owners
and operators of charter schools getting very rich off of them.
Then in Florida charter schools also have received hundreds
of millions in just the last few years in PECO (maintenance and upkeep) funds.
In 2012-13 there were 203,000 charter school students and 90 million allocated,
the end figures are a little off because only about two thirds of the charters
were eligible, the same percentage of charters that actually receive grades but
distributed industry wide there is an extra 443 bucks right there.
My point is twofold, first we shouldn’t be given for profit
charter schools an extra dime as they seem to be doing quite fine and then them
and their agents trolling for more money is self serving, not kid serving mind
you but designed to serve their needs of their bank accounts only.

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