The board should just hire Diana Greene for superintendent now!

I mean I guess we could go through the motions and bring the the other two semi finalists, Dunsmore and Pruitt but why?

At tonight’s SB meeting, Couch, Hershey, Grymes and Wright voted to exclude Harrison Peters and Sito Narcisse from further consideration.

While, Shine, Jones and Smith-Juarez voted not to bring back Pruitt and Dunsmore, which means only Diana Greene came through the process unscathed.

It also means the final three applicant are Greene, Dunsmore and Pruitt though if we are being honest only Greene has a chance and I think that is by design.

This was a master stroke by the ladies because they in effect eliminated any competition that Greene might have had as in my opinion Pruitt and  Dunsmore aren’t viable candidates while Peters and Narcisse were.

I am not saying they made the wrong decision either, in fact I am saying well played on their part.

Diana Greene is all but assured to be our next superintendent.

2 Replies to “The board should just hire Diana Greene for superintendent now!”

  1. Diana Greene, currently the superintendent for the School District of Manatee County, knows the issues in Florida Education and she was a teacher in Duval County. I think she will be our next superintendent.

  2. Good luck Duval County, if you get the same mismangement we had in Manatee County this pick won't turn out very well.

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