The bias Politifact has for Common Core

Politifact recently debunked numerous Anti-Common Core
points and they found them all from mostly false to pants on fire.
Pam Stewart on the other hand tells whopper supporting
common core and she gets a half true.
I wrote the author and said: Isn’t that a little generous? Everybody says it is going to cost
additional money, some a lot of additional money and she says it’s not. Sure
put some context to it but at the end of the day what she said was false and I
believe she said it to mislead the people of Florida.

To which he responded: thanks.
I don’t get to choose the ratings. They have a group of editors who do that.
Angie Holan is the main editor,

The implication is obvious
and that’s he wouldn’t have given Pam Stewart a half true.

Politfact loses its credibility
if it doesn’t just present the facts and remains consistent with its rulings.
Over common core it has lost its credibility.

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