The best the republicans can do is put a home schooled high school graduate in charge of public education?

I know I know, my republican friends will read the title and be outraged, why is this guy always picking on us, well read below and I believe even you will think I am justified.

From the Orlando Sentinel,

And in one of the most powerful spots — chair of the Florida House’s Education Committee — is Central Florida’s own Tea Party darling, Jennifer Sullivan.
Sullivan, 27, a Mount Dora Republican whose district covers north Orange County and most of Lake, was home-schooled. She lived with her mom and worked as a tea room waitress and babysitter before she was elected.
What little education she may have beyond a high school diploma is a muddle. She has claimed through the House Speaker’s communications director — poor dear thing can’t answer simple questions on her own — that she has more credits than the evangelical Christian universities where she was enrolled will confirm. So far, she has provided no documentation.
“My (Sullivan) goals are to create a system that is student centered by putting what’s best for those same students first. That starts by giving parents choice in the education of their children,” stated an email that the communications director for the Speaker of the House said could be attributed to her.
That’s kind of an ignis fatuus. Parents always have had the choice of homeschooling or enrolling their children in any private school they desire — they still do. No one is taking it away. The issue is whether taxpayers should ante up for what usually is religious education.
Last year, public school supporters screamed as right-wing legislators pumped up the dollars for charter and voucher schools, where accountability is slim, while short-changing schools that 90 percent of Florida students attend.
This is shortsighted, lousy policy. When schools are bad — and Florida’s are circling the drain in nearly every way — the strategy should be to learn from the best schools in the country and improve the ones here, not to take away more money to give to voucher schools and charters.
Sullivan is basically in charge of creating policy for schools she is not qualified to teach in, um how the %$#^ does that make any sense?
The answer is it doesn’t if you want to help and improve public education, but if you want to dismantle it, well then it makes complete sense.
Something like 90 percent of the states children attend traditional public school, but you would think they were like a zombie infestation the way that Tallahassee constantly attacks them and tries to tear them, and the teaching profession down.
Shouldn’t it be the opposite, shouldn’t our elected representatives be working on their behalf rather than against them?
Elections have consequences and public education and public school teachers are going to pay the price, exhibit number one is Sullivan.

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