The amazing incongruency of school board member Tommy Hazouri

I like Mr. Hazouri, I am told he is a big fan of the blog as well. He’s feisty and occasionally he gets it right and compared to the other members of the board that is a pretty big deal.

That is why I want to ask him a favor, please think about what you said about the district hiring a lawyer and apply it to the district hiring the new superintendent as well.

Mr. Hazouri told the Times Union: Board member Tommy Hazouri said the decision on new positions should not be made by a lame-duck superintendent and a lame-duck board. Pratt-Dannals leaves the district at the end of the year, and four new board members will seated in November.

Friends if he thinks this lame duck board should not pick a lawyer for the district why in heavens name does he think this lame duck school board should pick the next superintendent?

One word, hubris. He is filled with it. Mr. Hazouri I urge you to heed your own words.

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